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STEM enthusiast fostering love for math, physics, and computer science in young minds. See STEM as key to unlocking critical thinking, problem-solving, and understanding the world.

This website offers engaging learning resources for high school students and teachers. Explore complex concepts, practice skills, and build confidence in a supportive, interactive environment. We continuously add new resources and aim to connect students and teachers for a richer learning experience. Explore Math, Physics, and Computer Science! Contact us with any questions.

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Vivax Solutions - maths


Our extensive mathematics section offers a wealth of interactive resources, including worked-example tutorials that progressively build your skills, from beginner to advanced. These resources are tailored for GCSE, iGCSE, A-Level, and Undergraduate students, as well as high schoolers worldwide..

Vivax Solutions - physics


Our physics section features a wealth of engaging tutorials, animations, and interactive resources, progressing from beginner to advanced levels. Designed for GCSE, iGCSE, and A-Level, these resources cover key areas in detail, with some even ranking at the top of Google searches.

Vivax Solutions - computer science

Computer Science

Master APIs in Python, Visual Basic, C#, and JavaScript with our interactive tutorials!
Practice building real-world solutions on the fly with embedded on-line interpreters. Suitable for GCSE, iGCSE, A-Level, and even professionals. Code examples included in each language.

Tutorials - GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, IB, Undergraduate

GeoGebra Simulations

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Vast collection of fully interactive tutorials

Printable maths worksheets

GeoGebra Simulations

Free Chrome Browser Apps

Computer Programming - consoles & interpreters

Physics Simulations

Empowering minds, igniting futures.


Interactive Tutorials, worksheets and simulations

A Level Maths

Tutorials for Pure Mathematics & Applied Mathematics

A Level Physics

Tutorials & Simulations for all exam boards - Edexcel, OCR, AQA

Computer Science GCSE & A Level

Tutorials for LMC, Python, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C#

Chrome Browser Extensions

For Algebra, physics & mechanics

Simulations for maths and physics

A large collection of simulations made in GeoGebra


Top tutorials in Google search

Electricity tutorial - GCSE, A-Level, IB

Master electric circuits, power, and AC/DC for GCSE & A Level. Lights out? This guide will turn you on!

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Python tutorial for beginners - GCSE, A-Level, IB

Master Python programming, a skill for GCSE & A Level exams, with this beginner-friendly tutorial! Learn variables, loops, functions & more!

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Little Man Computer tutorial

Learn computer basics by programming the fun Little Man Computer. Write simple assembly language & explore core concepts!

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Basic differentiation tutorial

GCSE Ad Maths & A-Level Maths: Demystify Differentiation! Master the art of finding rates of change and unlock Calculus concepts.

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Python Turtle tutorial

Learn to code beautiful drawings! Python's Turtle graphics make programming fun & easy. Beginner-friendly tutorial inside.

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Capacitors tutorial for A Level physics

Unlock A Level Capacitor mastery! Learn how they store energy, solve circuits & ace exams with this interactive guide.

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GCSE(9-1) Maths


Binomial Theorem: A Level

Logarithms: A Level


Frequently Asked Questions

This website offers resources in mathematics, physics, and computer science specifically for secondary school students. While the content is not designed for a specific curriculum, it covers a wide range of topics typically encountered at this level.

We provide interactive lessons, practice problems, explanatory videos, glossaries, and downloadable cheat sheets to help you learn and practice.

Use the menu at the top to find resources by subject and topic. You can also search for specific content.

No! You may use all the resources, available with no strings attached. Not even registration required!

Use the contact form on the website to reach us. We value your input and strive to improve our resources.

They are, indeed. The Apps are Chrome Browser Extensions, available on Chrome Browser Store. Most simulations are made with GeoGebra, publicly available with the links provided on the site.


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Triangle of Forces

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Little Man Computer

App 2

Algebra Equation Generator

Book 2

Logarithms for A Level - Amazon book store

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Electricity Tutorial - GCSE, A Level, IB

App 3

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope - CRO

Book 1

The Binomial Theorem - Amazon book store

Book 3

GCSE Maths(hard topics) - Amazon book store

Web 3

Python Turtle Tutorial


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Best website in terms of explanation and practice which is all you really need. It is interactive and there are a lot of free questions to do which is the best thing for revisions. There is also physic and python with tutorials that are very easy and simple to follow. Thank you for this website.

Ria Sharma

An excellent place for maths resources. I use it all the time. Try tutorials and algebra equation generator. The site has its own algebra equation generator app on Google Play. I use it too; really cool app.

Harvin Singh

Liked the contents very much.

Vasyl Василь Smychok Смичок

Very useful and effective for learning and helped me understand hard topics making them easy. I highly recommend.


Really good and whole website, incredibly well made and useful.

Kavin Karunathilake

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