Physical Fitness Test

1) The Father of Electricity is,

2) The process of generating electricity on mass scale involves,

3) Red Shift implies,

4) An air-filled balloon and a piece of plank float on the surface of a lake; if they are dragged down and released,

5) At the time of doing this test, the frictional force between your computer and the table / floor is,

6) The cable of a lift is most likely to snap when the lift is moving,

7) The words 'CARBON DIOXIDE' were placed in front of a mirror. The number of English letters seen in the mirror are,

8 ) A geostationary satellite orbits the earth,

9) Mirage is caused by,

10 ) If you are short-sighted, you need,

11 ) Both Fahrenheit scale and Celsius scale show the same reading at

12) Babies lose less heat on winter nights, because their

13 ) The hottest planet in our solar system is,

14 ) A football and a golf ball are connected to a string, kept it slack, and then released. The string,

15 ) In a domestic electricity circuit, a switch is normally connected to,

16) When a shot is fired, the gun recoils. This is because,

17 ) If the door of a refrigerator is left open in a closed room, the room temperature,

18 ) The pressure at the bottom of reservoir and that of swimming pool with the same depth,

19 ) In order to see your whole image, the height of a wall mirror should be,

20 ) An open-top car moves steadily on a flat road. If someone throws a stone vertically up,

21 ) The ideal colour to paint the central heating panels is,

22 ) An ice cube can be cut with a piece of string, by applying,

23 ) Two trains were stationed 60 km apart. They travelled towards each other at 40 km/h and 20 km/h respectively. A bee started flying between them, from one train to the other, at the same time, at 50 km/h. By the time they collided - or the bee got crushed - it would have flown

24 ) If a wire is folded in half and then twisted,

25 ) At Mount Everest, water boils at Celsius,




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