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Stats Lab consists of a few widely-used virtual statistical tools. There are two programmes to simulate two of the most common objects used in statistics - coin and die. The programme allows you to toss the coin or throw the die any number of times so that you can get a good idea about the concept of relative frequency - and its progress towards probability.

There are three calculators for three main probability distributions. They are Binomial Distribution, Poisson Distribution and Normal Distribution.

Using the calculators, you can calculate both individual probabilities and cumulative probabilities.

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Finding a good text book - without space-devouring silly cartoons and intimidating phrases - for statistics can be as challenging as mastering the statistical concepts.
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Simulate a Coin


Simulate a Die


Pie Charts

Enter the values as a percentage and click the Draw button.


Interactive Venn Diagrams Simulator

Choose, click and Experiment.

Normal Distribution Calculator

normal distribution | vivax solutions

Use the following calculator to find P(z) for z values.

Enter Z value here:


Binomial Distribution Calculator

n =  r =  p =


Poisson Distribution Calculator

λ =        r = 


Learn how to use Casio Calculator for Statistics

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