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Maths Lab consists of a few widely-used virtual mathematical tools. The quadratic equation generator, for instance, can produce thousands of questions - and at random - for you to practise - and all at a click of a button. Most of them, are easily factorable, which makes the experience in solving them a bit more pleasant.

Then, you have a programme to check whether the answers are correct. You can use the Quadratic Solver for that. Just type in the coefficient of x2, x and the constant to find the solutions.

There is a programme to generate simultaneous equations, number sequences and even the coordinates of straight lines. If you want to practise compound interest based calculations, there is a programme for that too.

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Quadratic Equation Generator

A random equation for each click will appear here.

Quadratic Solver

a =       b =       c =      


Simultaneous Equation Generator

Two random equations will appear below, when clicked

Coordinates for a Straight Line Graph

Use the coordinates to find the equation of the line.


Generate a Sequence

Compound Interest Calculator

P =    N =    R  =


Finding square roots without calculators

Equations of tangents to a curve

tangetns to a curve | Vivax Solutions

Exponential Functions

Exponential Functions | Vivax Solutions

First Derivative - differential coefficient (dy/dx)

first derivative | Vivax Solutions

The Trapezium Rule

trapezium rule | Vivax Solutions

The Exponential Function

the expoential function | Vivax Solutions

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