IQ Test

1) It takes 6 men 4 days to build a fence 3 meters high. How long will it take 10 men to make it 7 meters high ?

2) The numbers 6 and 27 are on the same double sheet of a youth magazine. How many pages are in the magazine ?

3) A group of travellers shared a bill of £ 50.41 at a cafe, equally among them; How many were there in the group?

4) Five apples and 3 bananas cost 57p. Two bananas and five oranges cost 33p. The cost of an apple, a banana and an orange is,

5) It takes 4 hrs for a car to cover a certain distance at 45 km/h. How long will it take to cover the same distance at 30 km/h ?

6) 6 - 3 X 2 + 8 :- 4 + 6 =

7) The words 'CARBON DIOXIDE' were placed in front of a mirror. The number of English letters seen in the mirror are,

8 ) The letters 'F', 'O, 'U', 'R' are in a container. How many different words can be made from them ?

9) The average height of a group of 7 plants is 4 cm. The average height of a group of 3 plants is 14 cm. The average height of all 10 plants is,

10 ) How can you add a letter each, to these two groups of letters to produce two words of similar meaning EARN and ONG

11 ) Both Fahrenheit scale and Celsius scale show the same reading at

12) If 2x + 14 = 20 + x/2, x is

13 ) It takes 20 days for 5 men to do a certain job. How long will 4 men take to do the same job?

14 ) I think of a number, multiply by 5, add 7, take away 9, add two and divide by 5. The answer is

15 ) Rachel yelled at her husband "Simon, key please!" standing next to the family car. The animal hidden in the sentence is

16) An ingenious unethical indirect cunning means to gain something is

17 ) 1, 4, 7, 11, 15, 13, 17 is a number sequence that continues with

18 ) The height of St. Pauls cathedral is 120 feet plus half its height. Its height is

19 ) Starting from one corner, six different triangles can be made inside a polygon. The polygon is

20 ) The sides of a triangle are 13cm, 8cm and 7cm. The biggest angle in the triangle is

21 ) 10012 - 9992 is

22 ) Work out 882 - 6, on a calculator and use the imagination. The object you see

23 ) Two trains were stationed 60 km apart. They travelled towards each other at 40 km/h and 20 km/h respectively. A bee started flying between them, from one train to the other, at the same time, at 50 km/h. By the time they collided - or the bee got crushed - it would have flown

24 ) A half is a third of it. What is it ?

25 ) When I divided two numbers, the calculator display was, 1.4242424242. The numbers were