Graph Creator for GCSE, iGCSE AS and A-Level

In this tutorial, you will be able to learn the graphs recommended for GCSE, iGCSE and A Level. They are as follows:

  • Linear Graphs - straight lines
  • Quadratic Graphs - parabola
  • Cubic Graphs
  • Quartic Graphs
  • Reciprocal Graphs
  • Exponential Graphs

Sketching Curves.

With the following applet, you can explore the graphs that come under GCSE(9-1), iGCSE and even A Level.

Please choose a curve.

  • Linear - y = mx + c
  • Quadratic Graphs - y = x2
  • Cubic Graphs - y = x3
  • Quartic Graphs - y = x4
  • Reciprocal Graphs - y = 1/x
  • Exponential Graphs - y = 2x


These are the points where the curve approaches the axes, as x goes to infinity or 0.
For exponential graphs, the curve approaches 0, as x approaches -∞.
For reciprocal graphs, the curve approaches -∞, ∞ or 0.



Recommended Reading


Maths is challenging; so is finding the right book. K A Stroud, in this book, cleverly managed to make all the major topics crystal clear with plenty of examples; popularity of the book speak for itself - 7th edition in print.

Recommended - GCSE & iGCSE


This is the best book available for the new GCSE(9-1) specification and iGCSE: there are plenty of worked examples; a really good collection of problems for practising; every single topic is adequately covered; the topics are organized in a logical order.

Recommended for A Level


This is the best book that can be recommended for the new A Level - Edexcel board: it covers every single topic in detail;lots of worked examples; ample problems for practising; beautifully and clearly presented.