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There is a vast collection of tutorials, interactive labs and animations.
Each contains plenty of worked examples for any newcomer to the subject to get a clear understanding.
Some of the tutorials are right at the top of Google search for relevant key words.
'bearings tutorial'; 'quadratic equations word problems', 'basic integration tutorial', 'the trapezium rule'

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Basic Practice

Sharpen your skills in adding and subtracting negative / positive numbers with this interactive lab.
You get 50 questions to practise: automatically corrected, score is given and timed.
You can build up the score gradually, as thousands have already done. Practise 50 and get rewarded with a math joke.

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Casio Scientific Calculator

The use of Casio calculator, especially when it comes to statistics, can be a bit of a challenging task.
This brief video clip shows how to deal with the complex calculations.
They include calculations involving two-way tables, finding averages - mean, mode, and median - standard deviation, correlation coefficient and many more.

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Worksheets Generator

Print hundreds of worksheets on multiplication, addition, subtraction, division, fractions, algebra and graphing - all fully free with no strings attached.
You can print worksheets on algebra too under four categories.
They include algebraic expressions, linear equations, simultaneous equations, quadratic equations and straight line graphs - unlimited, randomly generated.

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Mathematics Lab

This contains a catalogue of mathematical tools, which are useful for anyone who wants to improve on their skill.
You can generate equations, solve quadratic equations, generate sequences and many more.
Most of them are fully interactive, user-friendly and intuitive. In addition, there are quite a few animations that explain the key concepts very effectively.

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Math Challenge

This page contains some significant maths challenges, for those who love taking on them. They are fun to play with and very stimulating.
They cater for all ages, regardless of the skill level of an individual.
Some of the challenges are interactive; so, you can practise them on the site and then of course, have fun.
You won't be disappointed.

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Amazon Publications
GCSE(9-1) Mathematics

Amazon Publications
Logarithms: A-Level

Amazon Publications
Binomial Theorem: A-Level

Analogue Clock
Real Time

The analogue clock is produced by combining mathematics, especially trigonometry, and coding. .
In this case, JavaScript as a programming language is used.
The trigonometric functions involved sine and cosine. In addition, Pythagoras theorem is used to manipulate the sides of a right-angle based triangle.

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Android Apps
Algebra Equation Generator

Get it on Google Play
  • Unlimited Random Equations with Answers
  • Linear, Simultaneous, Quadratic and Simultaneous Equations
  • Access to relevant tutorials on the site
  • Thousands of downloads
  • Over 40, 5* reviews


Math and humour can co-exist, although, some think to the contrary.
I have included a collection of math-based jokes here.They are a bit of challenging too.
So, in some cases you have to guess the answer and then find it - as the last resort at the click of button.
Please note:
The collection gets bigger as the time goes by. So, please check this page on regular basis to stay updated.

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Recommended Reading


Maths is challenging; so is finding the right book. K A Stroud, in this book, cleverly managed to make all the major topics crystal clear with plenty of examples; popularity of the book speak for itself - 7th edition in print.

Recommended for A Level


This is the best book that can be recommended for the new A Level - Edexcel board: it covers every single topic in detail;lots of worked examples; ample problems for practising; beautifully and clearly presented.

Reading Revolutionized


Ordering your favourite book online and then eagerly waiting for days for its arrival is over; Amazon Kindle changed all that. Instead, you can read any book, including those recommended by the author of this site, on Amazon Kindle.

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