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This site is especially designed for you - students, teachers, educators, IT professionals and of course, anyone who loves to broaden their horizons; your specific needs have been taken into account during that daunting task.

The aim is, not to bombard you with endless theories to bore you to the core; on the contrary, adopting a more pragmatic approach has been the goal, all along.

Mathematics - divine language

Mathematicians, equipped with the gift of intuition, played a crucial role in the gradual progress of mankind since time immemorial.

Things that we take for granted today came about from the sacrifices made by the intellectual giants in their respective sphere of expertise.

In doing so, they endured unspeakable hardships, endless humiliation and even persecution - and for the sake of noble goals.

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Google Chromecast

There are strong indications that Google Chromecast, the dongle used for streaming music and videos to your TV set through wifi, is...