What the site offers..

Vivax Solutions, a unique e-learning centre - a learning zone and a unique learning centre - is especially designed for you - students, teachers, educators at secondary level or that of high school, IT professionals and of course, anyone who loves to broaden their horizons; The site, the e-learning platform, is produced with a special focus on the following user needs:

  • Teachers and students at GCSE, iGCSE, AS, A-Level and IB in the UK and the Commonwealth countries, who teach/learn maths, physics and IT.
  • Education professionals who need supplementary resources for major examination boards - Edexcel, AQA, OCR and MEI in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus - differentiation and integration - and mathematical curves.
  • Educators and students at high school level - or above - in the rest of the world
  • Web developers who want to improve on their skills in JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 Canvas, XHTML and ASP.Net in C#.
  • An early learning centre for primary level teaches who need randomly generated distinct worksheets for the practice of addition, multiplication division and subtraction, for the children they guide through.
  • Secondary level teachers who need tutorials, animations, printable algebra worksheets and other interactive resources in physics and maths.

Resources at a glance:

  • Tutorials for physics at GCSE, iGCSE, AS, A-Level and IB on electricity, mechanics, light, sound, heat etc.
  • Algebra - equations, simultaneous equations, quadratic equations, cubic equations, curve sketching.
  • Worksheet generator for printable algebra worksheets - simple, simultaneous and quadratic equations,factorizing, removal of brackets.
  • Interactive mathematics lab and statistics lab - normal distribution, solving quadratic equations, binomial distribution, Poisson distribution.
  • Animations for physics, mathematics and statistics - logic gates, electromagnetic induction, total internal reflection and many more.

The aim has never been, to bombard you with endless text-book materials that potentially could bore you to the core; on the contrary, adopting a more pragmatic, intuitive approach has always been the ultimate goal in order to fully exploit the potential of e-learning

e-learning in full swing...

elearning zone

E-learning has become a global phenomenon with a growth that shows no sign of slowing down, as it has been complementing the classroom-based conventional teaching for more than a decade. Vivax Solutions is playing a key role to make it reach every corner of the Earth.

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